MI6 reviews the fifth 1:18th scale James Bond car from RC2 - Tiffany Case's Ford Mustang from the 1971 film "Diamonds Are Forever"...

RC2 1:18th Ford Mustang Review
10th October 2005

Diamonds Are Forever not only featured Sir Sean Connery in his come back performance, but also some spectacular driving in the Ford Mustang.

The models exterior has a non-metallic red finish that is lifelike to the original car, however the wing mirrors on the car are plastic and the colour does not quite match, but they do not stand out too much. Its obvious that a lot of effort has gone into the external detailing of the car, as the paint work has only very minor blemishes and in this sense the Mustang is one of the best models that RC2 have produced. Like others before it; all except for sidelights are made from different colour plastic parts instead of being painted or represented with stickers. The wing mirrors also have reflecting metal inserts, which is a nice detail.

Above: The 1:18th scale Ford Mustang by RC2

Both the front and the back of the car sports a Mustang logo, which in both places is made from a separate plastic part. Along the side of the car we see the words “Mach 1 MUSTANG” just above the painted line mid wheel level. One thing that lets this model down is that the number plate detail, which is represented by a sticker. It may be a one off with this model but the sticker was part peeling off the plate. This is a shame because the rest of the external detail is excellent.

The models wheels are made of plastic, however the finish on them is good, and they really do look like the real thing and have some finer details on them. When it comes to tires, as always, they have a good tread on them as well as a firm but rubbery feel.

The car has more moving parts than others in the RC2 range. The Mustang has opening doors; movable seats working steering (broken on this model but this could be a one off) as well as a working hood.


On the underside of the car there is a great deal of engine detail as well as moving parts for the steering. One thing that does stand out on the underside is the mounting points that secure the model to its base. For some reason RC2 have opted to have the points coloured in red, a shame when you consider that area around them is black and that the red makes them stand out.

The Mustang’s interior is hard to get a good look at being that the car is not a convertible. You could be fooled into thinking that the interior was poor if you started from the back. Looking through the rear window shows little to nothing of any sort of detail. However, when you open the doors and look inside it is a whole different story. The interior section of the door has some excellent detailing including a handle, door locks and a window crank that is finished in silver. Seating is made out of red plastic though the car lacks any form of seat belts. What it does have however, is movable seating, something that RC2 have improved on since previous models.

One thing that was nice to see were pedals on the drivers side, these are separate parts that are finished in black and give the car some real feel to it. The dashboard controls each have individual faces like with other RC2 models. This is something that is not always seen.

The car’s hood does not rise very high making it a little difficult to see inside. However, due to the length of the hood its easy to see that RC2 opted realism over functionality and credit to them for doing this. What can be seen is what looks like a basic yet very well detailed engine. It is easy to see that the engine has several parts to it, as well as being finished in many different colours. As with the real life car, it also has some inscriptions on it, in this case the inscriptions are represented with stickers. It’s nice to see that RC2 have valued details that most users will rarely notice.

Above: The packaging displays all of the Ford Mustang features.

Clean collector friendly packaging the box has windows on four faces. A small montage of clips of the car is show on the front and side faces. The rear face gives pictorial details a little information on the car. There is no documentation on the car and its famous role in "Diamonds Are Forever". Even if included on the Q-CD it would have been a welcome addition.

The car comes taped up and screwed to a hard plastic base. The plastic base fights snugly into the box and only allows the flaps to be closed in a securing order. There is no tape seal on the externals of the box, which ensures you do not damage it when removing the car. What would have been nice is if the base had some inscription it.

Unlike most previous models, the Mustang has no gadgets. This is a shame but RC2 obviously have to work with what was in the film.

With RC2's second attempt at this new business card size CD-ROM, it features 2 wallpapers, an interactive gallery of stills and a 360 degree view of the car with images of the cars features. The quality of the presentation and images are still poor, requiring a re-think. Sound would be a big improvement to the cards being as at the moment they have none.

Above: End face packaging


The Ford Mustang is RC2’s fifth attempt at a 1/18th scale Bond car, and what an attempt it is. The model is excellent with good attention to detail. It is a shame that this model had some problems with the steering however no doubt this will not be an issue to other owners. Previous models in the series had more realistic wing mirrors with regards to the colour; but this is only a very small point. RC2 should be very proud of the Mustang because its certainly one of their better cars.

As with previous models the Q-Card needs some improvements, however it is still a nice little extra to have in the box for rainy days. Something out of RC2's control are the gadgets featured on the car, which equal a staggering zero. This is disappointing because it leaves the general Bond fan feeling a little short changed, yet for the collector owning this car is a must.

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