Natasha Bedingfield officially confirmed for cameo in From Russia With Love as Miss Stark - first character render revealed!

Natasha Bedingfield FRWL Cameo Confirmed
4th August 2005

Earlier in the week, MI6 leaked news that British singer songwriter Natasha Bedingfield would be making a cameo in the forthcoming James Bond videogame "From Russia With Love", and hinted that she would play the daughter of the British Prime Minister, who is rescued by 007 in the opening mission at the Houses of Parliament. EA today officially confirmed the news.

Electronic Arts has signed the UK pop sensation Natasha Bedingfield to make a cameo appearance in the highly anticipated "From Russia With Love", due for worldwide release in Autumn 2005. This is EA's newest addition to the widely successful James Bond video game franchise.

Bedingfield will lend her voice and likeness to the character Elizabeth Stark, daughter of England's Prime Minister.

In the game Miss Stark is kidnapped and must be rescued by James Bond. Bedingfield will appear alongside Sir Sean Connery, who is reprising his role as the dapper secret agent 007 in the game.

"The game is set in the original 60's Bond era featuring movie based missions as well as original action-intensive sequences, a broad and deep variety of gameplay and fully integrated vehicles," said Jon Rissik, Senior Marketing Director EA Europe. "Natasha Bedingfield is an exceptional British talent and was a natural choice for this part."

"I am thrilled to be featured alongside Sean Connery in the game version of one of my favorite Bond films. It's not every day you get to become a Bond Girl so this is a great honour." - Natasha Bedingfield


Above: British singer Natasha Bedingfield performs her voiceover for her character Miss Stark.

MI6 can confirm that voice over work has already been wrapped, and there is unconfirmed word that she may also be providing the title song for the game.

Yesterday, EA officially confirmed Maria Menounos will also star in the game. In From Russia With Love, Menounos will play the role of Eva, an original character created for exclusively for the game. Eva is villain Red Grant's driver and henchwoman, and out to stop Bond at any cost.

Some voice artists have already been confirmed to recreate original characters whose actors have since passed away. MI6 has exclusively learned that "From Russia With Love" will feature three new Bond girls to the original 1963 movie, so news of another actress is expected soon.

The last James Bond game, "Everything or Nothing" which featured Pierce Brosnan as 007, starred three new Bond girls: Singer Mya Harrison starred as Agent Mya Starling, actress Shannon Elizabeth was the main good girl Serena St. Germaine, and supermodel Heidi Klum played villainess Katya Nadanova. Mya also performed the title song for the game.

Development of "From Russia With Love" will take place at EA Redwood studios (USA) and will ship in October/November 2005 on Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. Versions for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP are yet to be officially confirmed.

Stay tuned to MI6 for the latest unrivalled coverage of "From Russia With Love" (VG) starring Sean Connery as James Bond 007.

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