MI6 has world exclusive screenshots of the Aston Martin DB5 in Istanbul, and the first render of M from the new James Bond videogame "From Russia With Love"!

Istanbul & M Screenshots
13th August 2005

MI6 World Exclusive
As part of their "Directors Cut" ethos, EA will be bringing the classic Aston Martin DB5 forward from the movie timeline to include it in the videogame version of "From Russia With Love".

These new screenshots show the DB5 in action for the first time as James Bond and Kerim Bey drive from the airport, through the countryside, to the city of Istanbul.

Along the way they encounter some hostile locals, and 007 must battle his way to his final destination.


Above: James Bond and Kerim Bey speeds towards the city in the Aston Martin DB5.

With the new game engine, players will be able to step out of the car at any point - with no loading screens - and explore the environment in a much more open way than even before in a Bond game.

Above: M as he will appear in the game.


Another first for a Bond game is the inclusion of the original M, Sir Miles Messervy, played by the late Bernard Lee.

Fleming's creation for James Bond's boss, with those "damnable clear grey eyes", will be based in a classically designed office reminiscent of M's adobe in the 60's movies.

MI6 will also feature Miss Moneypenny and a retro Q-Lab, complete with Q in the likeness of Desmond Llewelyn.

Below is the first screenshot demonstrating the new laser watch that 007 will be equipped with for his missions in "From Russia With Love".

Above: James Bond tests his new laser watch in the retro Q-Branch shooting gallery.

Click the images to display full resolution version. Alternatively, visit the MI6 "From Russia With Love" (VG) screenshot gallery to view the complete set.

Above: The DB5 in action on the streets of Istanbul.

Development of "From Russia With Love" will take place at EA Redwood studios (USA) and will ship in October/November 2005 on Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. Versions for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP are yet to be officially confirmed.

Stay tuned to MI6 for the latest unrivalled coverage of "From Russia With Love" (VG) starring Sean Connery as James Bond 007.

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Footage shown is actual in-game graphics. Video courtesy EA Games.