Take a look at early production artwork for the latest James Bond videogame "From Russia With Love" with two concept videos from the Russian Consulate...

FRWL - Concept Art Video Blow-Out
5th November 2005

Russian Consulate
In the original 1963 movie, James Bond visits the Russia Consulate with Kerim Bey - via the underground waterways. Bey takes Bond down to his cellar where the board a boat and sail off along an underwater canal, eventually coming to a chamber beneath the Russian consulate complete with periscope peeking the Russian's conference room!

Above: Bond flies in on his jetpack (left), and Kerim Bey takes 007 on a tour underneath the Russian Consulate (right).

They spy on a meeting of the leading Russian agents in Turkey, and Bey recognizes Bulgarian assassin Krilencu at the table. Bond also gets his first real glimpse of Romanova. He asks Bey for plans of the Russian Consulate and they head for a a gypsy settlement loyal to Bey where Bond can hide from the attentions of Krilencu.

Above: Early artwork conceptualizing the action in the consulate (left) and in the canals (right).

London cables Bond telling him that Romanova's description of the device seems genuine and that he is to go ahead with the deal. He applies for a visa from the Russian Consulate, allowing his access to the building.

Above: Concept artwork for the Russian Consulate.

At a pre-arranged moment, Bey sets off an explosive charge in the chamber beneath the building, releasing tear gas throughout the Consulate. In the resulting chaos, Bond is able to find Romanova and make off with the decoder. After a nasty run-in with a pack of rats in the cellar, Bond and Romanova join Bey and make good their escape.

Above: Pre-production art of the action sequences inside the Russian Consulate.

Concept Video
Before any code is written or 3D models rendered, pre-production artists and game designs develop concepts and the visual style of the adventure. Click below to watch short features based around the Russian Consulate missions.

Download "From Russia With Love" Underground Boat Sequence (14.13MB)

Download "From Russia With Love" Russian Consulate Sequence (13.69 MB)
Quicktime Format

"From Russia With Love" was developed by EA Redwood studios (USA) and will ship in November 2005 on Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. Versions for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP are yet to be officially confirmed.

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