Exactly 50 years ago today, the "Dr. No" production moved to Morgan's Harbour in Jamaica to introduce Quarrel to James Bond...

Bond At 50: Making New Friends

18th January 2012

Filming on location in Jamaica was only a couple of days in when James Bond got to meet his ally Quarrel in "Dr. No". The crew headed out to Morgan's Harbour on January 18th, 1962, to capture several scenes involving Sean Connery (007), John Kitzmiller (Quarrel), Jack Lord (Felix Leiter) and Lester Prendergast (Puss-Feller).

Morgan's Harbour is situated near Port Royal at the western tip of the Palisadoes, and is much the same now as it was fifty years ago. The brick building and boat jetty where Bond first questions Quarrel is almost indistinguishable today from the time of the film.

Morgan's Harbour Hotel bar, which was dressed as Puss-Feller's Club for the film, has been altered over the years but still stands. The bar was set dressed with crates of Red Stripe beer for the fight scene that Felix interrupts. Room 105 in the refurbished hotel was the setting for Bond's late night rendezvous with a spider.

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