MGM have told Eon Productions to can any ideas of a Jinx movie before Bond 21, according to Variety...

Jinxed For Another Day
27th October 2003

MGM have pulled the plug on any Jinx spin-off movie, trade paper Variety have announced today.

Despite a first draft script being completed by Bond writers Neal Purvis & Robert Wade back in July 2003, and Halle Berry very happy about the shape of the film, MGM told Eon Productions last week to scrap any plans for a Jinx movie and to concentrate on Bond 21.

"High Fidelity" and "Dirty Pretty Things" director Stephen Frears, who was due to be announced as helming the Jinx project according to Variety, will no longer be taking the Jinx character from "Die Another Day" into her own film before Bond 21.

Variety claim the decision came "much to the apparent dismay of Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson", co-producers of the Bond franchise at Eon Productions.

The full Variety article available to subscribers went further: "Eon is clearly furious -- `there were creative differences,` says a spokesperson acidly. But curiously, Eon is making no apparent effort to wrest "Jinx" from MGM and set it up at another studio."



MI6 revealed last month that Halle Berry had not even been signed for the film.

Eon stated that no casting had been made and the script was being updated. Perhaps these "creative differences" are one of the reasons that MGM have cancelled the project.

Left: "High Fidelity" director Stephen Frears would have helmed the Jinx film according to Variety.

With the Jinx project apparently on ice for the foreseeable future, Bond 21 will be moving at full throttle for early 2005 shooting for a holiday season 2005 release.

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