The MI6 resident movie-guru talked to Eon Productions today to get the official news on the Jinx movie...

Official Jinx Movie Status
27th September 2003

Rumours have been flying around in the media surrounding the future of the Jinx movie, a spin-off `female Bond` style franchise based on the character from the latest Bond film "Die Another Day".

Today MI6 can bring you the current status of the Jinx project. Our resident movie-guru from the forums `KungFooKing` spoke to Eon Productions today about the future film and the surrounding rumours.

Script - Although a first draft for the "Jinx" movie has been completed, the script still is undergoing amendments. Halle Berry took receipt of the draft back in July shortly before the annual ComicCon where she said, "we just got the script last night, the first script and I hear its really really good".

Halle Berry - Even though Halle Berry played the Jinx role in "Die Another Day", she is as yet un-contracted for the "Jinx" film. Problems with the current draft of the script need to be addressed before casting can begin. Berry's current workload of projects means she would be unlikely to start shooting until Fall 2004 at the earliest.

Colin Salmon - US tabloid and UK a breakfast television have been touting Colin Salmon has signed on to the "Jinx" film. Salmon played MI6 aide "Robinson" in "Tomorrow Never Dies", "the World Is Not Enough" and "Die Another Day". The first alleged "official" news came four weeks ago in US entertainment columns, later caught on to by TV reporters. GMTV in the UK today announced that Salmon had been cast alongside Berry as "official". Eon told 'KungFooKing' this was not the case and Salmon has not been cast in the film, nor has any other actor or actress.

Release Date - Due to the amendments required on the script, no shooting dates or release dates have been set yet. Press rumours of November 2004 as a release date are untrue.

As with the Bond series, Eon Productions will helm the project under the badge and financing of MGM.


You can discuss the latest developments in the Jinx board of the Keeping The British End Up discussion forums.

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