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Bond's Belvedere Now On Sale

30th September 2015

Bond's limited edition bottles have arrived early at 31Dover and MI6 readers get a discount when they shop online this week

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Back in December 2014 Polish vodka maker Belvedere announced its partnership with the James Bond franchise. To celebrate, the company prepared two limited edition bottles: the 'Siver Sabre' wrapped in an elegant, laser-cut metallic skin and the eye-catching MI6 bottle that is adorned with the classic SPECTRE octopus logo and hints of a gun barrel.

Handcrafted from 100% Gold Rye, the spirit is distilled four times to balance a whole range of flavours including vanilla, white pepper and spice. Whilst some purists may prefer to see Bond drinking Russian vodka, it is clear that the decision to partner with Polish brand Belvedere was not an arbitrary one. Belvedere's super-premium vodka is truly unique and their use of Dankowskie Rye - the most complex and expressive of all grains - offers a nuanced and expansive flavour palette, meaning that every sip resonates with quality, flavour and sophistication; the perfect choice for suave secret agents and cocktail connoisseurs alike.

Order online from 31Dover.com and enter 31D007MI6 at checkout to get £4 off the limited edition 175ml magnum.

One of the first UK outlets to get their hands on the limited edition SPECTRE bottle is 31Dover, who've kindly partnered with MI6 to offer readers a discount on the magnum. Specialising in fine wine and based on Dover Street in London, 31Dover has developed a reputation as an online retailer for the finest wine and spirits. UK Residents can order online now, entering the discount coupon 31D007MI6 before Sunday 4th October BST to receive £4 off their 175ml magnum of Belvedere vodka.

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