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3rd December 2018

Pierce Brosnan's new TV advert for an Austrian grocery brand is released, plus a look back at his previous outings

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Since 2010, Pierce Brosnan has been the 'face' of SPAR Premium brands for the SPAR chain of grocery stores in Austria. Each year, Brosnan dons a classic tuxedo and shoots a new TV commercial spot, usually playing off some James Bond 'spy' style, but each time the prize is usually a frozen seafood treat and dinner with a woman young enough to be his daughter.

The new advert for the 2018 holiday season sees Brosnan enter a luxury house and confront someone who appears to be an intruder. Last year, the advert was set aboard a mega yacht and filmed just a few miles down the road from Brosnan's house in Marina del Rey in Los Angeles.

Pierce Brosnan SPAR Premium TV Adverts

Dr Gerhard Fritsch, marketing head at SPAR Austria, said: "We are delighted that Pierce has decided to continue his partnership with us. He is one of a few true gentlemen actors and embodies style, class and luxury, the same values that SPAR Premium stands for. The Hollywood star is a fan of SPAR Premium and is 100% convinced of its quality."

Pierce Brosnan SPAR Premium

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