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Location Guide - James Bond Movies

James Bond has long been a noted globe-trotter, with his missions for MI6 stretching to almost every corner of the globe. From his hometown of London to tropical Jamaica, from the crisp backdrop of the Swiss Alps to the mysterious and fictional South American hotspot of Isthmus City, James Bond has racked up the frequent flyer miles in the course of his many international missions. MI6 traces Bond's movements throughout the on-screen legacy.

Special Feature

James Bond Location Map

Explore the MI6 archives and trace James Bond's globe-trotting adventures across the on-screen adventures to date. In this unique map, MI6 compiles all the stops Secret Agent 007 has made.

Movies By Location

Location Movies Highlights
Afghanistan The Living Daylights
Ionian Sea For Your Eyes Only
Berngarten The Spy Who Loved Me Ski-parachute jump.
Bregenz Quantum Of Solace A night at the opera.
Vienna The Living Daylights Meeting at the Prata café.
Baku The World Is Not Enough
Nassau Thunderball
New Providence Island Casino Royale Checking into the Ocean Club.
San Monique (fictional) Live And Let Die
Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná Moonraker
Rio de Janeiro Moonraker Fight aboard a cable car.
La Paz Quantum Of Solace
Halong Bay Tomorrow Never Dies
Havana Die Another Day
Jungle GoldenEye
Fight at the Arecibo Observatory (really located in Puerto Rico)
Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic)
Bratislava The Living Daylights
Prague Casino Royale Dispatching with a rogue agent.
Cairo Diamonds Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me
Luxor The Spy Who Loved Me
Paris Thunderball, Moonraker, A View To A Kill
Gibraltar The Living Daylights
East Berlin Octopussy
Feldstadt Octopussy
Hamburg Tomorrow Never Dies A station break at Carver's party.
West Berlin Octopussy
Corfu For Your Eyes Only Bond and Melina go shopping.
Port au Prince Quantum Of Solace
Hong Kong
Iceland Die Another Day Car battle on the ice.
Udaipur Octopussy
Isthmus (fictional)
Isthmus City Licence To Kill
Cortina d'Ampezzo For Your Eyes Only
Lake Como Casino Royale
Siena Quantum Of Solace Tile-shattering rooftop chase.
Tuscany Quantum Of Solace
Sardinia The Spy Who Loved Me The Loutus Esprit escapes.
A Hovercraft through St. Mark's Square.
Crab Key Dr. No Bond meets Honey on the beach.
Kingson Dr. No
Tokyo You Only Live Twice
Kazakhstan The World Is Not Enough
Madagascar Casino Royale
Baja California Diamonds Are Forever Climatic oil-rig battle.
Monte Carlo GoldenEye Tiger helicopter demonstration.
Casino Royale Casino Royale
Tangier The Living Daylights Confronting General Pushkin.
Amsterdam Diamonds Are Forever Elevator fight.
North Korea
Pyongong Die Another Day
Khyber Pass Tomorrow Never Dies Bond evades a nuclear explosion.
Lahore Casino Royale Bond commits his first kill.
Lisbon O.H.M.S.S. 007 gets married.
Arkangel GoldenEye
Moscow Quantum Of Solace
Severnaya GoldenEye
Siberia A View To A Kill
St. Petersburg GoldenEye Driving a tank through the city.
Bilbao The World Is Not Enough
Madrid For Your Eyes Only
Bern O.H.M.S.S.
Geneva Goldfinger
Murren O.H.M.S.S. The stockcar race.
Bangkok The Man With The Golden Gun
Phuket The Man With The Golden Gun
Bond is caught in a war between the Russians and the gypsies.
Uganda Casino Royale
Ascot A View To A Kill
Bladen The Living Daylights Koskov is kidnapped.
Eileen Donan, Scotland The World Is Not Enough
Oxford Tomorrow Never Dies Brushing up on a little Danish.
Cape Cod, MA You Only Live Twice
Hawaii You Only Live Twice
Key West, FL Licence To Kill
Las Vegas, NV Diamonds Are Forever
Los Angeles, CA Moonraker
Maryland & Kentucky Goldfinger
Miami, FL Goldfinger, Thunderball, Casino Royale
Bond averts a terrorist attack at the airport.
New Orleans, LA Live And Let Die High-speed bayou boatchase.
New York, NY Live And Let Die, The Living Daylights
San Francisco, CA A View To A Kill
Washington D.C. Goldfinger
Saigon Tomorrow Never Dies
Belgrade* From Russia With Love Bond meets 'Captain Nash'.
Trieste† From Russia With Love Disembarking the Orient Express.
Zagreb‡ From Russia With Love  
Zagreb (now Serbia)

*Belgrade is now the capital of Serbia.
†Triest is now found in north-east Italy.
‡Zagreb is the modern-day capital of Croatia.

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