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Villains & Henchmen

Click the name for of each villain, henchman or accomplice to access character information, plot involvement, evil scheme and headquarters.

Henchmen & Accomplices

Professor DentAnthony DawsonDr. No
Miss TaroZena MarshallDr. No
"Red" GrantRobert ShawFrom Russia With Love
KronsteenVladek SheybalFrom Russia With Love
Odd Job Harold SakataGoldfinger
VargasPhilip LockeThunderball
Mr. OsatoTeru ShimadaYou Only Live Twice
Irma BundtIlse SteppatOn Her Majesty's Secret Service
Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd
Bruce Glover & Putter SmithDiamonds Are Forever
Tee Hee
Julius W HarrisLive And Let Die
Earl Jolly BrownLive And Let Die
Nick Nack
Herve VillechaizeThe Man With The Golden Gun
Richard KielThe Spy Who Loved Me
Richard KielMoonraker
Eric Kriegler
John WymanFor Your Eyes Only
Emile Locque
Michael GothardFor Your Eyes Only
Hector Gonzales
Stefan KaliphaFor Your Eyes Only
GobindaKabir BediOctopussy
Mischka & GrischskaDavid Meyer & Anthony MeyerOctopussy
ScarpinePatrick BauchauA View To A Kill
Dr. Carl MortnerWilloughby GrayA View To A Kill
General Georgi Koskov Jeroen Krabbé The Living Daylights
NecrosAndreas WisniewskiThe Living Daylights
DarioBenicio Del ToroLicence To Kill
Milton KrestAnthony Zerbe
Licence To Kill
Don StroudLicence To Kill
Anthony StarkeLicence To Kill
Joe ButcherWayne NewtonLicence To Kill
General OurumovGottfried JohnGoldenEye
Boris GrishenkoAlan CummingGoldenEye
StamperGotz OttoTomorrow Never Dies
Dr. Kaufman Vincent SchiavelliTomorrow Never Dies
Henry Gupta Ricky Jay Tomorrow Never Dies
Sasha Davidov Ulrich Thomsen The World Is Not Enough
Gabor John Seru The World Is Not Enough
Mr Bullion Goldie The World Is Not Enough
Dr Mikhail Arkov Jeff Nuttall The World Is Not Enough
Colonel Moon Will Yun Lee Die Another Day
Zao Rick Yune Die Another Day
Mr. Kil Lawrence Makoare Die Another Day
Vladamir Popov Michael Gorevoy Die Another Day
Van Beert Mark Dymond Die Another Day
Dr. Alvarez Simon Andreu Die Another Day
Dimitrios Simon Abkarian Casino Royale
Valenka Ivana Milicevic Casino Royale
Obanno Isaach de Bankole Casino Royale
Carlos Claudio Santamaria Casino Royale
Kratt Clemens Schick Casino Royale
Leo Emmanuel Avena Casino Royale
Mollaka Sebastien Foucan Casino Royale
Mr White Jesper Christensen Casino Royale / Quantum of Solace
Elvis Anatole Taubman Quantum of Solace
General Medrano Joaquín Cosio Quantum of Solace
Police Colonel Fernando Guillén-Cuervo Quantum of Solace
Lt. Orso Jesús Ochoa Quantum of Solace
Mitchell Glenn Foster Quantum of Solace
Yusef Simon Kassianides Quantum of Solace
Mr Slate Neil Jackson
Quantum of Solace

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