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Passport To Oblivion

18th October 2019

Former 007 star George Lazenby heads back into the world of MI6 in the new spy drama production

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George Lazenby, who 50 years ago succeeded Sean Connery to become the youngest ever 007 James Bond in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, is plunging back into the world of M16 as reluctant spy Dr. Jason Love in 'Passport to Oblivion’.

An audio spy adventure based on a series of internationally bestselling books (published in 19 languages) by James Leasor, ‘Passport to Oblivion’ features an all-star cast that also includes Glynis Barber, Nickolas Grace, Michael Brandon and Terence Stamp as ‘C’ the Head of MI6.

‘Passport to Oblivion’ is the first of 10 planned audio recordings by award-winning Spiteful Puppet and based on books first published in the 1960s. The novels, which sold in their millions, have a worldwide fan base. This is the first time they have been adapted as audio dramas.

On his first appearance in print, Dr. Jason Love was hailed as ‘the natural successor to James Bond’ and Leasor was the first author contacted to continue the 007 novels when Ian Fleming died, but he passed on the assignment, which went to Kingsley Amis.

Spiteful Puppet have been granted the license for all 10 of James Leasor’s Dr. Jason Love books.

Passport to Oblivion’ (2-disc audio set) will be released 29 November 2019.

‘Passport to Oblivion’, set in 1964, has astonishing parallels with today’s allegations of Russian interference in politics of the West, unrest in the Middle East, and seems very fresh and relevant.

Who was ‘K’ and why was he killed? Who is the mysterious girl in Rome? Why are the Russians basing their covert operations in Iran? And why is the Deputy Head of MI6 sifting through filing cabinets for the name of a man he knew in Burma twenty years ago? None of these questions should concern quick-witted Dr. Jason Love (who made his home in the UK from Australia after seeing action in WWII and now resides in Somerset as a contentedly middle-aged country practitioner) until - with the promise of a rare sports car as his reward (his passion outside of medicine) - he undertakes a seemingly insignificant rendezvous for MI6 that changes his quiet country life forever.

The Sunday Times said in the 1960s: “Dr. Love is, like John Buchan’s Richard Hannay in ‘The 39 Steps’, the ultimate amateur spy, out of his depth but determined to complete his mission.”

This first audio production is expected to lead to adaptations of the remainder of the novels – which see Dr. Jason Love age in real time until he properly retires in the last book, at 65 years old.

George Lazenby said: “When I was asked by Barnaby Eaton-Jones to make a return to MI6 and the spying game, via this audio production of Passport to Oblivion by Spiteful Puppet, I decided I’d give it another go. It’s my first foray into audio acting and, although I’m stood behind a microphone, I might suggest we do the fights for real. I’m still pretty active for a just turned 80-year old!

“What’s interesting about this character is he’s a reluctant spy rather than a Double-O-Agent, recruited by MI6 as a civilian. Oh, and he’s Australian. I reckon I can play Australian rather well! I’ve been surrounded by a pretty amazing cast, who it will be a pleasure working with. I mean, with Glynis Barber, Terence Stamp, Michael Brandon and Nickolas Grace involved, for a start, that’s a top-notch line-up anyway. It will be interesting to step into the world of audio and declare it another first for me, making my debut in that discipline.

“Apparently, there are another nine thrilling novels featuring this character, so – if it’s successful – maybe I’ll do more than one this time?

“2019 is the 50th anniversary of my Bond film, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. I’ve been told directors like Steven Soderbergh and Christopher Nolan figure my Bond movie to be the best one. It really holds up. This year I even went back to Piz Gloria in Switzerland where we shot the film. I’m grateful new generations have come to celebrate my time as 007. And I’m thrilled that David Walliams will be interviewing me about it all at an upcoming event at BFI Southbank, London on Sunday 29 September. As the youngest actor to play the role - I was 29 at the time - I guess Bond, like diamonds, seems to be forever.”

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