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007 Chronicles (16-01-95)

16th January 2014

On this day in 1995, EON Productions announced the first day of filming in the Pierce Brosnan era

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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"Goldeneye," the latest James Bond adventure, commenced principal photography today, Jan. 16, 1995, with Pierce Brosnan starring in the role of the legendary Agent 007. The film marks the 17th installment of the most successful film franchise in history, which was masterminded by veteran filmmaker Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli, beginning with the groundbreaking "Dr. No" back in 1962.

Director Michael Campbell is helming what is sure to be one of the most explosive action films in history. The film is being produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli from a screenplay by Michael France and Jeffrey Caine.

The movie began filming at Europe's newest film facility at Leavesden on the outskirts of London, with three separate units shooting simultaneously. A former Rolls Royce factory with 1.25 million square feet of interior space added to one of the biggest back lots in the world, Leavesden is tailor-made for "Goldeneye," the most ambitious of the 007 series to date.

A James Bond adventure could never be confined to a studio, however, regardless of its size. As befits a living legend whose trademarks are high style and high drama, "Goldeneye" will again take Commander Bond and his colleagues, friends and foes to a half-dozen far-flung, exotic locations.

The cast and crew will be crisscrossing oceans and continents, from Puerto Rico to Switzerland and from St. Petersburg to the French Riviera, in addition to several atmospheric English locations.

The picturesque locales will be rivaled by an international star cast, headed up by James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan. Everyone's favorite for the role, the announcement of Brosnan's casting ended months of speculation and resulted in hundreds of banner headlines.

Brosnan will be supported by a talented cast, including English film stars Sean Bean, Robbie Coltrane and Alan Cummings.


Above: Pierce Brosnan at his 1994 press conference announcing his casting.

Bond's irreplaceable colleagues on Her Majesty's Secret Service will also be along, beginning with the aptly named Shakespearean stage actress Samantha Bond as the beloved Miss Moneypenny. Desmond Llewelyn once again reprises his role as the long suffering Q, while Joe Don Baker makes a welcome return as the cynical CIA contact Jack Wade. Art also imitates life in "Goldeneye." Two years ago, the British Government appointed the first woman to head the Secret Service. Reflecting 007's arrival in the 90s, Bond's superior, known only as M, will also be played for the first time by a woman, with distinguished stage and screen actress Dame Judi Dench in the role.

No Bond film would be complete without its leading ladies, and "Goldeneye" features two talented and beautiful actresses from very different backgrounds.

Izabella Scorupco was discovered on the Baltic Island of Gotland. The actress speaks four languages fluently and has already made her mark as a successful Swedish film actress.

Famke Janssen stars as Xenia, a luscious yet lethal post-Soviet assassin. Born in Holland, Janssen has made her home in the United States for over a decade. She just completed a starring role in Clive Barker's much-anticipated supernatural thriller "Lord of Illusions," due out from United Artists on Feb. 17.

Rounding out the main cast are: leading German stage actor Gottfried John, who has starred in no less than 11 major films for Reiner Werner Fassbinder; and celebrated French performer Tcheky Karyo, who slips easily into the role of powerful Politburo figure Dimitri Mishkin on the heels of his acclaimed screen portrayal of Nostradamus.

"Goldeneye" is set firmly in the present day, with swiftly changing political patterns turning old opponents into new best friends ... and old allies into deadly enemies.

"Goldeneye" is an Albert R. Broccoli presentation of a United Artists film, produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and directed by Martin Campbell from a screenplay by Michael France and Jeffrey Caine. The film is projected for a worldwide release at Christmas 1995.

James Bond is back with a vengeance.

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