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Fleming Synopsis (2)

12th February 2014

Take a look at the official synopsis and trailer for the second part of the Fleming biopic, subtitled 'The Man Who Would Be Bond'

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Episode 2 - The Man Who Would Be Bond - Synopsis
It's 1940 and the French fleet is at risk of falling into Nazi hands. Ian is office bound and desperate to be a man of action. But as Godfrey explains, the more he's trusted with vital information, the more vulnerable he is to being captured in the field.

With the possibility of invasion, London is now a charged, heightened place to be. A mischievous Ann invites Ian to Esmond's birthday party, and although Ian has brought Muriel as his date, sexual chemistry sizzles between them.

Above: Fleming's ladies, Lara Pulver as Ann O'Neill and Annabelle Wallis as Muriel Wright.

Back in the Admiralty, France is looking like it's about to crumble against the Axis advance. Fleming urgently pitches to Godfrey that he travel to France and oversee the destruction of secret files and papers at one of their bureaus. To his surprise, Godfrey accepts.

With Ian away, Ann invites Muriel for a drink. Muriel confides that she may be in love with Ian; her rival advises that the trick is never to let it show.

With his official mission complete, Ian moves on towards Montbazon, where he hopes to appeal to French Admiral Darlan to turn the fleet over to the Allies. But he starts to suspect Darlan may have his mind set on another course of action...

Air Data

Date: Wednesday 5th February
Time: 10:00pm ET
Channel: BBC America


Date: Wednesday 19th February
Time: 9:00pm
Channel: Sky Atlantic

Watch the 'Fleming' Teaser Trailer

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Series Cast
Ian Fleming - Dominic Cooper
Ann O'Neill - Lara Pulver
Peter Fleming - Rupert Evans
John Godfrey - Samuel West
Muriel Wright - Annabelle Wallis
Lieutenant Monday - Anna Chancellor


"There's an element of darkness about Fleming, which I think very few people knew about" - Dominic Cooper

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