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The Shorts: Everything or Nothing

26th February 2014

Guest writer Neil McNally examines the anatomy of the 'Everything or Nothing' promotional trailer

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An often-overlooked facet of the franchise is 007's pre-release marketing, epitomised in the form of film trailers. These are undeniably a medium that deserves credit, as they lured cinema-goers to return for the latest and greatest Bond instalment.

For 007 fans in the United States, one of the joys of BBC America's "Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond" has been the great Bond centric programming that has come along with it. There's been everything from movie marathons to "blink and you'll miss it" showings of the definitive and wide ranging documentary "Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007." It's a documentary so well done, that naturally you'd expect nothing less from the trailer. So, without further ado, let's suit up for our next mission.

In its opening moments, with a slight hint of the 007 theme and a classic shot of Sean Connery you know you've come to the right place. In succession we hear passionate comments from Daniel Craig and Ian Fleming Biographer John Pearson. If that weren't enough, the ethereal recorded voice of Ian Fleming himself chimes in with "People like to read about heroes." It's a nice moment that lends an initial air of authenticity to the proceedings, and shows the casual viewer Fleming as a real person and not just as a brand name.

They say cutting on movement is essential in film editing; a technique embraced by early Bond film editor, Peter Hunt. If that's the case then these editors excel at their craft. With the "007 Theme" blasting away, this trailer is a non-stop, heart pounding journey through the history of James Bond. One image fluidly leads to the next, and to the next, as quick hits of the series' key players fly by at breakneck speed. Broccoli, Saltzman, Connery, Moore, Dalton, Craig, and even Lazenby! Everyone is given their just due in this wild race of a trailer that piles on the anticipation and tension with every passing second.

The viewer also gets brief hints of the many business and legal issues that have plagued the 007 team over the years. It's a nice touch that grounds the trailer in reality, and most likely will lead those unfamiliar with the franchise's history wanting to know more. It just goes to prove that it hasn't always been fun and games for 007, in our world and his.

Ultimately, what stands out is the level of care and attention that the filmmakers give to this trailer. It's not quickly thrown together and is as well thought out and planned as the movie it's advertising. Everything from the pacing, to the art direction, to the interview subjects scream, "This is a documentary you want to see!" In many ways this is the Bond trailer to end all Bond trailers, and was a perfect gift for fans in the series' anniversary year.

You'll have to pardon the pun, but in a world of lackluster film trailers "Nobody Does it Better" than 007.

About The Author
Neil McNally is a writer and Bond aficionado living in Los Angeles. To read more please visit www.neilmcnallywriter.com

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