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Behind The Scenes (4)

18th December 2016

Revisit the filming of the hotel fight sequence from Casino Royale with rarely seen video

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As 'Casino Royale' celebrates its 10th anniversary, MI6 looks back to the making of the film with rarely seen behind the scenes video from the production. This fourth installment focusses on the hotel fight.

In the middle of the poker game, Bond and Vesper follow Le Chiffre in the hotel but come up against some unexpected opposition that leads to a brutal fight in a stairwell.

"I wanted to do as much of the action work as I could, so that the audience can see it’s me and it’s real," said Daniel Craig. "I feel like I became a sportsman of sorts, and that meant acquiring injuries and carrying on, bashing through to the next level of pain. Although Gary Powell and his stunt team did fantastic work to make sure that everything was as safe as possible, if you don’t get bruised playing Bond, you’re not doing it properly."

Casino Royale Behind The Scenes : Hotel Fight

"He combines toughness with charm and a sense of humor," said director Martin Campbell on Craig's Bond. "And because this is a much more character-driven story, his depth and gravitas are a perfect match for the role. At the same time, he’s in great physical shape and proved himself to be excellent in the action scenes."

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