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Sean Connery on Dame Edna

24th August 2014

Sir Sean Connery was one of the first guests for the Dame Edna Experience back in 1987 in this rarely seen interview

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Host Dame Edna dead-pans a humorous interview with Sean Connery for the first episode of Australian comedian Barry Humphries' new TV chat show back in 1987.

Connery, with his tongue in his cheek, admits that it was a stuntman - not he - who suffered the tarantula in 'Dr. No.' Connery then describes his early life and, when asked if it could be said that he was born in a slum, he points out that about half the audience probably was, too.

"'The Name of the Rose' was without doubt the most difficult, arduous, time-consuming film I was ever involved in."

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