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Emily Bolton as Manuela in Moonraker

Actress: Emily Bolton
Character: Manuela
Movie: 'Moonraker'
Date of Birth: 1951
Place of Birth: Aruba
Trivia: She can speak four languages fluently.

Manuela is an agent of Station VH and is assigned to meet Bond as he lands in Rio. After following him from the airport in her white convertible and taking photographs, she waits for 007 to check into his hotel's the President's suite, armed with a vodka martini, shaken not stirred.

"I'm Manuela. I work for Station VH. We have been asked to assist you."

Bond has an afternoon to kill before using the cover of night to break into Drax's warehouse. After thanking M for "thinking of everything", 007 asks Manuela "how do you kill five hours in Rio if you don't Samba?" as he pulls the strap off her dress.

Emily Bolton as Manuela in Moonraker

Although based in Brazil, Manuela speaks with an English accent and is a British intelligence operative. She correctly identifies Bond's lead 'C&W' as a big importer based in Rio and a subsidiary of the Drax Group, and guides Bond to the warehouse that night. She keeps watch for Bond outside, but almost meets her end when Jaws spots her and goes in for the kill. Unable to defend herself with just a knife hidden in her handbag, Bond drops in and distracts Jaws just in time and uses the passing customed Carnival crowd to sweep the henchman away from them.

Emily Bolton as Manuela in Moonraker

Born in 1951 in Aruba but raised in England the Netherlands, Emily Bolton had a small career as a bit-part actress, starting with several appearances as Operative June in the TV show 'Space 1999' in 1975 (in one episode, she appeared alongside another Bond actress, Eva Rueber-Staier). Originally she had wanted to become a concert pianist, but at the age of eighteen she chose to go to drama school.

Emily Bolton as Manuela in Moonraker

She won her first big screen role as Bond's Brazilian contact Manuela in 1979's 'Moonraker'. Her next big role came in the WWII drama 'Tenko' in 1981 (and after three seasons, the subsequent 'Tenko Reunion' in 1984). She also appeared in 1987's 'Empire State' and the TV series 'Capital City' in 1989. Her last credit was in the TV series 'The Good Guys' in 1992 before retiring from acting. She is often credited as June Bolton.

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