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Professor Inga Bergstrom

Ceclie Thomsen as Professor Inga Bergstrom in Tomorrow Never Dies

Actress: Cecilie Thomsen
Character: Professor Inga Bergstrom
Movie: 'Tomorrow Never Dies'
Date of Birth: 29th October 1974
Place of Birth: Bogø, Denmark
Trivia: Once dated Canadian rocker Bryan Adams

As James Bond is taking Danish lessons from the Oxford professor, it is assumed that 007 has met Inga Bergstrom on many occasions before the events of the "Tomorrow Never Dies" mission.

"I am very pleased with your progress, Mr Bond."

James Bond is enjoying "learning a new tongue" when Miss Moneypenny interrupts his lesson with Professor Inga Bergstrom in her office at Oxford University. 007 has to begrudgingly kiss off his study and leave Inga for an urgent briefing with M.

Ceclie Thomsen as Professor Inga Bergstrom in Tomorrow Never Dies

An Oxford University professor, Inga Bergstrom has a star pupil, James Bond, who is learning Danish - amongst a few other things. Inga is only onscreen in a brief scene before duty calls for 007. Cecilie Thomsen, who was making her big screen debut with "Tomorrow Never Dies", was sadly underused and her character only seems to be in attendance to keep up the "three girl rule" for the Pierce Brosnan films.

Ceclie Thomsen as Professor Inga Bergstrom in Tomorrow Never Dies

Cecilie Thomsen had an unusual childhood. She was born in Denmark, and her parents divorced while, she was still a small child. Even now, she has little contact with her father and older brother.

Throughout her childhood, she moved around with her mother. "I had to learn to take care of myself as a child. I couldn't run to mom every time something was up," she says about the hippie-inspired upbringing she received from her mother.

It was as a 16-year-old that her life changed completely. She was working as an ice cream sales girl in her native Denmark when she met Canadian rock star Bryan Adams. Adams, captivated by her beauty, hooked up with the teenage Cecilie, and their romance blossomed.

He inspired her to move into modelling, and she has appeared in numerous European magazines. "Bryan is a good support to have. But we are not trying to appear as a famous couple. He has his career and I have mine," said Cecilie about her boyfriend, who is 14 years older than her.

Thomsen's first move into acting came with an offer to play Inga Bergstrom, a Professor of Danish at Oxford University in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.

"I think I'm actually in this movie just to keep Bond's image alive. I'm in it to confirm that the agent can go to bed with a woman any time, any place - even an Oxford professor..." said Thomsen of her role in the film.

Since her 007 outing, Cecilie Thomsen has appeared in a few foreign films, but has not broken through into the English-language mainstream. This despite her graduating from the Actors Studio Drama School at New School University, studying dance at Alvin Ailey, and achieving an MFA in Dramatic Arts.

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