The World Is Not Enough VG (2000) - Players Guide

The Mission Guide will help you out of a sticky situation if your gameplay skills leave you floundering somewhere in "The World Is Not Enough" VG.

Click the links for the campaign mission you need walkthrough assistance for. For extra information check out the Weapons and guides.

N64 Mission Guides
01 Courier
02 King's Ransom
03 Thames Chase
04 Underground Uprising
05 Cold Reception
06 Night Watch
07 Midnight Departure
08 Masquerade
09 City of Walkways Part One
10 City of Walkways Part Two
11 Turncoat
12 Fallen Angel
13 A Sinking Feeling
14 Meltdown

Players Information


Basic Strategies

Even though this is a first person shooter, don't run in every room unloading clip after clip. There's a time and a place, my friend; and until you figure out when those times are, take it slow. Crouch behind objects for cover, peak around corners for enemies, and try to take enemies down from a distance.

Reload as often as you can. This isn't like Goldeneye; reloading a weapon doesn't take a split second, which means if you're in a firefight and run out of ammo, you're up the creek without a paddle.

Strafing is your friend. Don't just stand around shooting, the idea is to kill your enemies and take minimal damage. Strafing between objects like crates or trees allows you to quickly get a few shots in without the risk of injury or death.

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