After a failed attempt to make the location work for 'Skyfall', India is still under consideration for future Bond adventures...

India As Soon As Possible

14th October 2012

When EON Productions were aiming to shoot the ambitious pretitles sequence for "Skyfall" in India, they hit upon a seemingly endless series of problems, pitfalls and red tape. The on-again, off-again status of the shoot was almost daily news during pre-production on the film in late 2011, with several twists and turns that eventually lead the team to abort plans to use India and instead switched to Turkey (South Africa was also visited on a location hunt).

But despite the bureaucratic problems involved with shutting down the world's busiest railway for weeks of stunt work, India is still in the thoughts of the producers as the planning for Bond 24 - and beyond - is under way.

"Typically, we do visit various countries when we are looking to find locations. So we did come to India to look [for locations]," producer Barbara Broccoli told a web conference held in New York this week to promote "Skyfall".

"Because of the complexities with the title sequence... we did have a big chase with the cars and the motorcycle and trains. We looked at India as a possibility, but given the traffic, the complexities of having to shoot such a big scene, we would have had to shove off many roads and cause a lot of disruption. we felt it would be too ambitious to do the scene in India," she said.

The series has flirted with casting an Indian actress in a leading Bond Girl role since the middle of the Pierce Brosnan era, but as yet a story has never worked out. "We certainly are on a lookout for talented beautiful women. If we make a film in India, we will have an Indian actress," Broccoli said.


Above: Barbara Broccoli at the NYC premiere of 'Everything or Nothing'

"Normally when we are casting for a Bond woman, our casting director looks for Bond women all around the world, and then we go through several rounds of auditions for that. And then finally when we reach the finalists, we bring them into Britain to meet Daniel. Lots of people are considered, it comes down to what the character requires and in this film, we needed a British female agent working alongside Bond," she added.

Above: Roger Moore shot on location in India for the 1983 film "Octopussy".

"We had a wonderful time shooting Octopussy in India. We had fun and it looked absolutely beautiful on screen. We know we have a lot of fans in India so we would love to have the opportunity to come back to India as soon as possible," she said.

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