Skyfall - Bond 23 FAQs

Introducing MI6's Skyfall FAQs - everything you need to know about the latest installment in the James Bond franchise in a handy FAQ crib sheet. Whether you are a casual fan of the franchise or a writer or a webmaster seeking to brush up on your Bond facts, this tool is for you. You can add the Skyfall FAQs to your website or blog.

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Put Bond 23 FAQs on Your Website

The <script> option
You can add the Bond 23 FAQs to your website or blog with a simple one-line <script> tag and some basic CSS. That way MI6, the world's premiere 007 website, will keep your website up to date automatically as the James Bond franchise rolls closer to 9th November 2012.

Copy & Paste the Following Code:

The following CSS can be used to style your fact sheet:

#mi6_007faqs_container A <div> wrapping all FAQs
.mi6_007faqs_q The <p> tag wrapping each question
.mi6_007faqs_a The <p> tag wrapping each answer

Download a copy of MI6's default FAQ CSS

The <iframe> option
Some blog software, such as Wordpress, does not respond well to the <script> tag. The alternate method for embedding the 007 FAQs will use MI6's default CSS and an <iframe> tag. As above, copy and paste the code below into the HTML editor for your website or blog:

Copy & Paste the Following Code:

Bloggers using Wordpress may also want to install the Pageview Plugin that assists in the iFrame install using a special wordpress [pageview] tag.