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Agent Fields

Gemma Arterton as Agent Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace

Actress: Gemma Arterton
Character: Agent [Strawberry] Fields
Movie: 'Quantum of Solace'
Date of Birth: 2nd February 1986
Place of Birth: Kent, UK
Trivia: Plays the guitar, paints and draws in her free time.

Agent Fields first meets with James Bond when the rogue agent arrives in Bolivia with Mathis. Fields is an agent working at the British Consulate and is tasked by M to turn 007 back around to London. However, Bond charms her in to spending the night at a top hotel as the next flight is not until the morning.

"Mr. Bond, my name is Fields. I'm from the consulate."

Working outside of M's orders, Bond quickly becomes intimate with Fields to gain her loyalty. In the classy but clinical Andean Grand Hotel room the pair spend a passionate night, only briefly interrupted when Mathis lands them an invitation to the Greene Planet party.

Gemma Arterton as Agent Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace

When 007 first teams up with Fields she exhibits a business like approach to 007, trying to satisfy her superior's orders by turning Bond back in to the establishment. She misjudges 007's charm and the relationship quickly blossoms. Letting down her guard, Fields is quick to point out that she'll never forgive herself for their tryst.

A bright spark and a breath of fresh air for the grieving 007, Agent Fields proves to be a sturdy ally and a lover to Bond. When Bond and Camille are being tailed by Elvis at the party, she shows true courage and quick thinking.

She is far from the standard femme fatale and proves to be a strong-willed lady, especially when it comes to choosing between loyalties. Even when faced with her own death, Fields holds out for 007 and even manages to slip him a warning before she meets her sticky end.

Described by M as simply an office girl who files reports, Bond puts her bravery on record.

Gemma Arterton as Agent Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace

British born Gemma Arterton grew up in Kent and attended Gravesend grammar school before winning a government grant to attend the prestigious RADA, Dramatic Arts school. As a young and aspiring actress Arterton developed a passion for theatre and won roles in a variety of productions including the classic "An Ideal Husband", all whilst keeping up with regular study.

She won her first on screen role in 2007 - playing a role in the TV drama "Capturing Mary" before a run of Shakespeare productions at the historic Globe Theatre. The actress played in "Loves Labours Lost" where she gave a stellar performance before being recommended for roles in British and American cinema. Whilst she won her first major film role in the comic "St. Trinians" it was on the sage that she excelled and through her work with the Royale Shakespeare Company was offered an audition for the role of Agent Fields in 2008's "Quantum of Solace".

In a stunning screen-test she won the hearts of the director Marc Forster and producers landing her first major Hollywood role. Back in Britain, Arterton won the lead in Guy Richie's mobster flick "RocknRolla" as well as quirky romantic comedy "Three and Out" and period piece "Lost in Austin".

Gemma Arterton as Agent Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace

"My character's cool. She's not a typical Bond girl: she's funny, and real, and someone you could know from down the road. I'm quite tough - I have to arrest Bond at one point - but I go to bed with him, of course. So it is a good part."

On her career thus far: "I think it's difficult for a young girl like me, because there's a certain time for young actresses, which is like a really juicy period when all the parts are love interests and young heroines. Of course, there's always work for men whatever age they are. So I'm really going to go for it. And if it all goes wrong, I'll go and do panto!"

"If I'm honest, I still feel like a student. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here."

"All the reviews will come out and I'll be in a hut. Because I read every review, I can't help myself. I've read so many bad ones now - people saying such horrible things about me as a person." - Arterton on reviews and life after Bond.

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