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Per Fine Ounce Review - James Bond News at

Per Fine Ounce Review

Benjamin Welton inspects the new novel by Peter Vollmer with a Bond connection
007 Things We Know - James Bond News at

007 Things We Know

The SPECTRE trailer and recent set of stills confirmed a number of plot points and raised a few more questions
SPECTRE Trailer (1) - James Bond News at

SPECTRE Trailer (1)

The first extensive look at the 24th Bond adventure is now available to watch online
Win 50th Anniversary Corgis - James Bond News at

Win 50th Anniversary Corgis

Lucky MI6 readers have the chance to win 50th Anniversary DB5 replicas from Corgi
James Bond: World of Espionage - James Bond News at

James Bond: World of Espionage

Glu Mobile have quietly launched the new 007 licenced game 'James Bond: World of Espionage' for iOS and Android
Never Say Never Again (Again) - James Bond News at

Never Say Never Again (Again)

Whilst talking about SPECTRE, director Sam Mendes has rules out a follow-up James Bond adventure. Again.
World Premiere Confirmed - James Bond News at

World Premiere Confirmed

The new James Bond film 'SPECTRE' will celebrate its world premiere in London on Monday 26th October 2015
2015 Box Art - James Bond News at

2015 Box Art

Box set artwork and steelbook covers have been revealed for the 2015 James Bond Blu-Ray and DVD releases
New Steelbook Blu-Rays - James Bond News at

New Steelbook Blu-Rays

New special edition Steelbook Blu-Rays will be released in September to celebrate 'SPECTRE' with new artwork and features
O.H.M.S.S. - James Bond News at


Check out the 1997 music video for David Arnold and Propellerheads cover version of 'O.H.M.S.S.'
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