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Miranda Frost

Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost in Die Another Day

Actress: Rosamund Pike
Character: Miranda Frost
Movie: 'Die Another Day'
Date of Birth: 27th January 1979
Place of Birth: London, England
Trivia: Can play the piano and the cello, and speaks French and German.

She first meets Bond at Blades Club where Bond is hot on the tail of Graves after his discoveries in Cuba. Unaware of her real status, Bond does not impress, as she tells M in her briefing that she sees him as an explosive liability, a womaniser, and a danger to her deep cover.

"I know all about you - sex for dinner, death for breakfast."

As Bond is a tired, exhausted agent who is living on the edge, Frost; in a twist on the Bond formula; takes advantage and seduces Bond at the Ice Palace to learn his theories on Graves and Icarus in a large swan shaped bed.

Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost in Die Another Day

Miranda Frost is a gold medallist fencer who won her title at the Sydney Olympics. MI6 places the Harvard educated Frost in deep cover investigating Gustav Graves by taking up the guise of his publicist and personal trainer.

When she awaits Graves' landing with the press, she is unaware that Bond is watching her from amongst the paparazzi when Graves is knighted at Buckingham Palace.

M sends Frost to Iceland to keep a close eye on Bond's activities. The darker side to her character slowly emerges as the divide between her undercover work with MI6 and her loyalties to Graves begin to blur. She alerts Graves to Jinx's real intentions, which causes the NSA agent to be strapped to a torture rack with deadly lasers underneath on the the diamond mine research biodomes.

The finale is now set for a frantic showdown between Bond, Jinx, Frost and Graves onboard an enormous Antonov plane above Korea. The friction between Jinx and Frost climaxes in a girl-on-girl fight that results in her death.

Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost in Die Another Day

Rosamund was born in England to a family of talented performers: her mother is an established opera singer and her father is a concert violinist. Her theatre talents also took her to faraway Tokyo in productions of The Taming of the Shrew and Macbeth.

Pike admits that she always wanted to be an actress, "although I always assumed I'd work in the theatre rather than be a Bond Girl". Most of her childhood was spent in West London. Her parents, Caroline and Julian, were both opera singers, who travelled a lot to wherever the work was. With such musical parents, it is unsurprising that Rosamund is also talented on the Piano and Cello.

An only child, Pike went to boarding school in Bristol and then on to read English Literature at Oxford University (making her the first Oxford-educated Bond Girl), and she shares her alma mater with actresses Emily Mortimer (Scream 3), Jodhi May (The Last of the Mohicans) - and Chelsea Clinton.

Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost in Die Another Day

While there, she was offered the part of Lady Harriet in the BBC's adaptation of Wives and Daughters, and then the part of Fanny in Love in a Cold Climate. With many successes under her belt, Pike moved into the world of television and starred in several successful mini-drama's, as popular in the US as the UK.

Pike met her actor boyfriend Simon whilst at Oxford after he saw her performing. Happy to see where life takes her, she has no plans to settle down anywhere and is making the most of her recently found fame.

This is Pike's big screen debut and the world's media is already queuing around the blocks to find out more about this soon to be star.

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